Makkah Clock Royal Tower hotel

When compared to everything else in the world, the Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel can only be described in superlatives: the tallest hotel, the tallest clock tower, the largest clock face and the largest indoor space.

Year 2012
Location Makkah. Saudi-Arabia
Solutions Clock tower: 89 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators, 5 KONE MonoSpace® Special elevators, 16 Transvario escalators


Building for the masses

The holy city of Makkah is home to the world’s largest mosque, the Masjid Al Haram. The mosque can hold up to 600 000 people and is currently undergoing expansion to increase the total size to accommodate an additional one million people.

The Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel project provides high quality accommodation and recreation for visitors to the Masjid Al Haram, situated directly adjacent to the hotel. The structure is made up of seven towers, which all rest upon a 15-story podium that includes a retail area. The three towers on either side of the clock tower are between 200 and 300 meters tall. The clock tower stands at 601 meters. In one of its grandest undertakings, KONE delivered a People Flow® solution like no other.

Moving the masses

“Visitors to Makkah normally practice formal prayers fi ve times per day,” says Tarek Elnaggar, Senior Vice President at KONE who was regional director for KONE Middle East during the project. “The goal of the customer is to ensure that up to 75,000 people can exit all 7 buildings through the podium in an organized and timely manner every prayer time.”

This required a thorough study for optimum people flow solutions, resulting in an extraordinary amount of equipment: over 100 escalators and more than 180 elevators in the podium and clock tower alone. In addition, KONE implemented special group control software with artificial intelligence capabilities to learn and track passenger traffic patterns in order to optimize people fl ow. The elevators include large shuttles that can hold 54 passengers each and take visitors up to the 15th level, one of the sky lobbies of the tower.