Efficient people flow for high-rise residential buildings

Passenger elevators

  • Primary transportation means in high-rise office buildings
  • Space-efficient equipment enables more rentable floor space
  • Choice of control algorithms to minimize passenger waiting and flight times
  • Access control solutions for enhanced security solutions
  • Design solutions to ensure architecture fit

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Service-goods elevators

  • Service elevators are made to make building service tasks easier
  • Cleaning services, logistics, housekeeping and waste handling are some examples of the users
  • Service elevators stop on all floors, and have a durable and functional decoration enhanced by optimal features and usability
  • Service elevators are easily upgraded into firefighters' lifts

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Car park elevators

  • Car park elevators are created for easy commuting to and from the car park
  • Car park elevators are an essential part of the whole building’s traffic flow
  • They can also be used to serve traffic to shops in mixed use buildings
  • Their design can be independent from main passenger elevator groups
  • Access control solutions are available for enhanced security

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Fire operation elevator

Firefighter's/Firemens' elevator functionality according to local elevator codes can be added to dedicated elevators or combined with another elevator application, such as service, passenger or car park elevators.

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In the larger office complexes, when there is great traffic demand between two or more adjacent floors or building sections, the escalators' continuous operation allows an exceptionally smooth flow of people.

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Monitoring enhances the security, maintenance and availability of installed vertical transportation systems. KONE provides an OPC server-based interface to the clients' building management system or a system with its own graphic user interface.