KONE's offers a proactive process to analyze, plan and update your elevator installations in a systematic and methodical manner. It presents an analytical method providing a precise understanding of the performance, aesthetics, accessibility and safety of your elevator solution.

Assessment services

KONE establishes the state of the current installation, by measuring a set of predefined parameters versus a set of regulation driven performance norms. KONE uses four comprehensive measurement criteria: Performance, safety, accessibility and aesthetics.

Planning and capital services

KONE's measurement analysis defines eventual hidden deficiencies that need immediate intervention regarding safety, accessibility or performance. It comprises an action plan for bringing your elevator to a jointly predefined performance level assessing the dimensions of timing and finances.

Implementation services

KONE offers an integrated series of programs for implementing the necessary actions. The array of measures ranges from installing minor upgrade packages to modular modernization of your unit.


KONE proposes a unique installation method for upgrading elevator groups by combining old and new units under a common control logic. Consequently, the traffic handling of your building is optimized throughout the installation process and eventual passenger inconvenience is minimized.