KONE is committed to offering maximum availability of the equipment in order to ensure the efficient movement of people and goods in your facility. KONE guarantees that your equipment is available for use within predefined and agreed criteria.


KONE maintains your equipment effectively in order to provide the highest standards of quality and safety. Maintenance actions are defined systematically according to the unique profile of your equipment in order to minimize disruption to the daily operations of your building.


KONE ensures the availability, reliability and quality of your equipment for your end users. However, if a corrective action is required, KONE technicians will respond quickly and efficiently in order to ensure minimal disruption to normal building operations. KONE has the commitment to ensure the relevant spare parts are available in order to minimize lead times.

Spare parts

KONE offers maximum availability of the equipment. KONE stocks a wide range of spare parts for your equipment in order to ensure the fast delivery of spare parts. KONE also has the capability to provide spare parts for other suppliers’ equipment.


KONE supports your business by reacting quickly to your service requests. KONE promises that our technician will be on site within a predefined and agreed timeframe after receiving your service request.

24/7 services

You have 24-hour access to a KONE Customer Care Centre. Through our service centre you can order services and report any failures or insufficiencies in the delivery of any service. All calls for passenger entrapments generate an emergency call-out and a KONE technician leaves immediately to the site in order to release the entrapped people.


KONE is committed to improving the safety and comfort of your passengers proactively in case of emergency. KONE Voice Link Service offers a personal two-way communication link between the elevator and service personnel. An automatic identification of the elevator location and a 24/7 service guarantee of a fast response in case of entrapments and emergencies.

Remote monitoring

KONE ensures the increased availability and safety of your elevator. KONE provides real time information from your elevator. The performance of your elevator will be monitored in order to prevent future breakdowns and you will get real time information from your elevator.

Mechanics recommendation

KONE’s people are committed to providing you with the superior service level. We ensure that each service technician responsible for your premises is fully trained and has sufficient knowledge to work on all the equipment you have in place. KONE service technicians are trained in the provision of professional services to meet your unique needs.