KONE provides support already at the early stages of the project, when the building still remains a vision. KONE helps in planning, budgeting and designing the right solution for your needs.

Project planning

KONE ensures that project planning is synchronized with the overall project plan. Our experienced personnel will save you time and money through transparent, full chain planning of the schedule, resources and logistics.

Traffic planning

KONE provides solutions for an optimal transportation, evacuation and construction time system for the unique characteristics of your project, also taking into account the interactions in all different traffic situations.

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Specification analysis

KONE’s experience and expertise in planning the transportation solutions for any type of building is at your service already at the very early stages of your project. The end result will be a vertical transportation solution that suits your needs perfectly for the entire lifetime of your project.

Project budgeting

KONE assists you in your cost calculations and control. KONE can prepare a budget summary of the transportation equipment for your project. Budgeting ranges from rough estimates in the early stages of the project design up to accurate tender pricing.

Visual design

Only your imagination sets the limits, when KONE engineers work closely with your visual design team to produce the desired results. KONE’s experience and versatility in designing customized elements ensures an integrated visual look.

Solution design & drawing

KONE provides design solutions and customized drawings for different elevator and escalator solutions. From the early stages, we can support you with detailed information and interface requirements. KONE expertise is shared in our global engineering network using the latest technology. We follow up all changes as your project increases the level of detailed design.

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Custom design

KONE has established an exclusive process to customize your elevator and escalator solutions in every detail according to your special requirements. KONE's top of the range KONE Alta™ provides the ultimate in custom design.

Customer dedicated offering

KONE can develop a tailored model to simplify and speed up repetitive orders. It guarantees uniform quality, performance and an harmonized look. Whenever updated features can be intergrated, KONE will proactively suggest them to you.

Mock-up build

KONE can manufacture a mock-up of your customized car for your apporval. Other parts and fixtures can also be mocked-up.

Safety planning

KONE is committed to a high safety level starting from the planning stage through the whole lifecycle of the project. Your personnel will be trained, whenever necessary. Safety is always one of our highest priorities throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.

Code compliance

KONE has broad experience of the different codes in use and provides recommendations on how to comply with the required codes. KONE ensures that all products are designed and installed in compliance with the latest codes.