KONE JumpLift

KONE invented and pioneered this technology which utilizes a temporary motor room inside the permanent hoist way, which is self climbing and jumps upwards as the building grows. This enables early service to lower levels.

The permanent rails, shaft and door equipment are used. End of construction the elevator is converted to final service.


Improved people flow during construction time, (less waiting, more working), transportation takes place inside building, safer, more reliable, better logistics, fewer days lost due to weather, faster building process and lower floors can be enclosed and finished sooner.

How it works

As soon as the permanent lift shaft has reached a height where it can be waterproofed, the Deflection Crash Deck is installed. Below it the Installation Platform is used for the installation of the guide rails and other elevator shaft components. Once these guide rails are in place, the KONE JumpLift machine room can move up the shaft

The KONE JumpLift uses a temporary machine room, containing the traction machine and controls, that moves upward as the building work progresses. Below it, the permanent elevator is installed in CTU service. As the building core moves upwards, the crash deck is moved a few floors up and the installation platform moves up to install the necessary shaft equipment. Then the KONE JumpLift self-propels itself upward and the permanent elevator is again in construction time use below it.

When core construction is complete, all that remains to finish the elevator installation is to install the permanent machine room and the final aesthetics for the elevator car, doors and signalization.

KONE JumpLift range

KONE JumpLift range