KONE CTU elevators

KONE construction time (CTU) elevators are the permanent elevators, equipped with temporary signalization and protective materials so they can be using during construction time. They operate at the elevator’s rated speed - up to 10 m/s - so they can save hundreds of man-hours every day. They also speed up the transportation of goods such as drywall, plumbing and electrical equipment, and the removal of pallets and packaging.


Save time
KONE CTU elevators transport workers, goods and tools faster, so you reduce labor costs.

KONE CTU elevators use 30% less energy than external hoists.

Manpower transportation is safer, in all weather conditions.

Faster finishing and handover
Buildings with KONE CTU elevators are on average 19% more productive than with just external hoists.

How it works

With KONE’s unique scaffoldless, in-shaft method, installation of the elevator is faster and safer. When the machine room is ready, the permanent elevator is installed and inspected, and then it is ready for construction time use. Any KONE passenger and freight elevators can be used during construction time.

With vertical transportation taking place inside the building, exterior hoists can be dismantled. The façade can be enclosed and finishing can begin sooner. KONE CTU elevators are quickly converted into the building’s permanent elevators by removing the protective materials and installing the permanent signalization and interior materials. KONE takes care of safety and performance inspections.

KONE CTU elevator range

Platform MAX travel MAX load MAX speed
MonoSpace 90 m 2000 kg 2.5 m/s
MiniSpace 400 m 4000 kg 10 m/s
TranSys 23 m 5000 kg 1.6 m/s