Elevator usage varies considerably on every construction site, depending on the equipment type, number of floors, and operating environment. That’s why KONE develops a unique maintenance plan for every project. This plan meets the requirements of the equipment, as well as the relevant regulations and standards. This ensures that the equipment operates reliable and safety, and minimizes downtime during construction time.


A unique maintenance plan is developed for each project, based on the equipment type, usage, number of floors and legal requirements.

Preventive maintenance is designed to solve problems before they occur, to prevent downtime. Maintenance is performed for predefined technical modules at correct intervals.

KONE Care CTU performs safety and performance inspections during construction time.

Faster handover
KONE handles safety and performance inspections, and coordination with authorities, to speed up handover.

How it works

The KONE Care™ CTU maintenance package includes Modular Based Maintenance™ and the KONE Customer Care Center™. Customers can further enhance the solution with the optional Voice Link Service or additional KONE Care services, which are invoiced separately.


KONE Modular Based Maintenance™
KONE Modular Based Maintenance™ (MBM) is a preventive maintenance method that enables us to design a maintenance profile and schedule specifically for your project.

KONE Customer Care Center™
The KONE Customer Care Center is a 24/7 helpdesk for reporting technical failures and requesting other assistance. It can be contacted by phone, email, or the Voice Link in the elevator car.

Voice Link Service™
The KONE Voice Link Service™ enables two-way voice communications between a passenger in the elevator and a KONE Customer Care Center™.

Call-out service
The Call-out Service solves unexpected equipment failures. The KONE Customer Care Center™ dispatches a technician to the site.

Service Repair
The Service Repair fixes malfunctioning equipment or damaged components.

Cleaning Service
The Cleaning Service keeps the equipment clean and free of obstructions during construction time.

Training Service
The training service trains staff in the safe and reliable operation of the equipment, improving safety and reducing breakdowns.