KONE Major Projects

In skyscrapers, airports, train and metro stations, the design of the elevators and escalators has a big influence on shaping the building, and on how profitable, sustainable and dynamic it will be.

In high-rise buildings, the intelligent People Flow™ solutions are optimized for the most demanding vertical transportation and design requirements. In airports and transit centers where horizontal transportation is key, our state-of-the-art escalator and autowalk technology helps passengers catch their trains or planes.

The KONE Major Projects team helps customers during every stage of the building process. Our processes are aligned with those of the customer. In the early design and engineering stage we help bring the architect’s vision to life with our design services, including comprehensive traffic planning, project planning and budgeting, specification analysis and visual design.

In the construction phase KONE is committed to reduce the installation time while meeting the construction deadlines through trouble-free project management, from start to finish. Our certified project managers guarantee smooth coordination with all the parties involved, while our unique construction time boosting technologies, such as KONE JumpLift, can save up to 20% of the installation time compared to conventional methods.

In the occupation phase the performance of the equipment is monitored and optimized through dedicated maintenance services. When needed, our modernization services can upgrade an existing installation to compete with the most modern equipment available.

KONE Major Projects is your global team of experts when it comes to realizing your vision successfully anywhere in the world. A hundred years of experience, innovation and local presence are at your service.