Green building design

Green building design

KONE offers architects and designers invaluable tools that help in planning green buildings.

  • Environmental product declarations about the environmental impact of KONE products.
  • Energy calculation tools to estimate equipment energy consumption.
  • KONE architect toolbox for specifying elevators and generating CAD drawings.

In order to improve the environmental efficiency of buildings, KONE also cooperates closely with green building organization around the world and participates in the development of global energy measurement standards such as ISO/DIS 25745, Energy Performance of Lifts and Escalators.

“Building green is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a core design element that our customers demand. The creation of reliable building rating and performance measurement systems such as LEED has certainly helped take the guesswork out of defining what is green. KONE is a contributing member of the United States Green Building Council and a strong supporter of the progress that the council has made in such a short period, and we are doing everything possible to squeeze every last bit of efficiency out of our products.”

Aaron Ites, Marketing Director, KONE Americas

HIGHLIGHT: Green building certification

With its large range of eco-efficient solutions, KONE has helped many buildings gain certification from leading assessment methods such as LEED and BREEAM.

KONE has been involved in the Beijing Olympic Village to receive a LEED Gold certificate. The facilities are equipped with an energy-efficient heating and cooling system and over 150 elevators operated by the eco-efficient KONE EcoDisc™ hoisting machine.

We offer A-class energy efficiency for its elevators as a standard.

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