Efficient maintenance

Efficient maintenance

The aim of our maintenance services is to keep our customers’ equipment running smoothly and eco-efficiently. Regular professional maintenance helps to prevent breakdowns and increases equipment lifetime. In addition to ensuring a long equipment lifetime we strive to provide our maintenance services in an eco-efficient way. We do this through for example:

  • Route-planning technology to optimize technicians’ driving routes, thereby reducing emissions.
  • Wireless technology and remote monitoring solutions to provide technicians with real-time information, which enables better planned maintenance visits and reduces the number of unnecessary call-outs.
  • Eco-safe driving principles followed by all service technicians.
  • Spare parts stocks in vehicles to reduce visits to warehouses and further decrease emissions.
  • Developing an eco-efficient vehicle fleet.

Regular professional maintenance

helps prevent breakdowns and increases equipment lifetime.

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HIGHLIGHT: The KONE Eco-Safe Driving Program

The Eco-Safe driving program aims to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs by 10%, and to improve driving safety. The key elements of eco-safe driving are:

Eco: How our personnel can drive their vehicles in a more eco-efficient way to reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of our vehicle fleet.

Safe: how our personnel can drive their vehicles in a safer way to reduce the risk of an accident on the road.